Merchant Pawn Shop

The following items are available for purchase from the Pawn Shop. Please contact Warik for more information:

Dark dagger Dark dagger (82)
Haunted Death's head Haunted Death’s head (4)
Surge Surge (152)
Wicked staff Wicked staff (170)
Tuna wizard wand Tuna wizard wand (35)
Tao stone Tao stone (61)
Whisper bracelet Whisper bracelet (156)
Mythic sabre Mythic sabre (11)
Lucky coin Lucky coin (98)
Amethyst Amethyst (39)
Ancient potion Ancient potion (261)
Banana Banana (1)
Bekyun's spear Bekyun’s spear (31)
Bekyun's set Bekyun’s set (31)
Cloth Cloth (1366)
Cracked bone Cracked bone (5)
Crystal Crystal (3)
Diamond Diamond (115)
Fine cloth Fine cloth (281)
Fine rabbit meat Fine rabbit meat (109)
Fine snake meat Fine snake meat (76)
Leopard lance Leopard lance (1)
Quartz Quartz (126)
Scorched bone Scorched bone (3)
Scroll of protection Scroll of protection (125)
Wool Wool (685)
Snake meat Snake meat (423)
Summer potion Summer potion (185)
Merchant key Merchant key (1)
Spike Spike (60)
Charm Charm (32)
Holy ring Holy ring (155)
Sen glove Sen glove (99)
Titanium glove Titanium glove (58)
Indigo potion Indigo potion (55)
Gold acorn Gold acorn (477)
Amber Amber (2231)
Ginko wood Ginko wood (2965)
Earth potion Earth potion (65)
Autumn potion Autumn potion (63)
Blood potion Blood potion (210)
Lime potion Lime potion (20)
Winter potion Winter potion (157)
Lucky silver coin Lucky silver coin (66)
Blood Blood (266)
Hamgyong gem fragments Hamgyong gem fragments (11)
Subpath Stone Subpath Stone (1)
Key to earth Key to earth (23)
Key to fire Key to fire (33)
Key to water Key to water (36)
Moonblade Moonblade (38)
Chicken meat Chicken meat (1176)
Roast chicken Roast chicken (20)
Grilled beef Grilled beef (10)
Chestnut Chestnut (20)
Bear's liver Bear’s liver (110)
Beef Beef (526)
Fried egg Fried egg (12)
Crafted amber Crafted amber (20)
Traveling shoes Traveling shoes (1)
Tiger's heart Tiger’s heart (20)
Jungle fowl Jungle fowl (23)
Scroll of invocation Scroll of invocation (74)
Sheep's favor Sheep’s favor (1)
Spring potion Spring potion (9)
Sea potion Sea potion (187)
Ruby potion Ruby potion (94)
Sea poems Sea poems (2)
Scribe's pen Scribe’s pen (33)
Mountain ginseng Mountain ginseng (20)
Runed dagger Runed dagger (2)
Tea Tea (12)
Fragile rose Fragile rose (40)
Magical dust Magical dust (21)
Key to heaven Key to heaven (52)
Key to pond Key to pond (119)
Dragon's liver Dragon’s liver (28)
Lean beef Lean beef (291)
Egg Egg (108)
Death's head Death’s head (4)
Angel's tear Angel’s tear (42)
Rose Rose (60)
Coconut Coconut (25)
Chung ryong key Chung ryong key (105)
Ju jak key Ju jak key (72)
Hyun moo key Hyun moo key (25)
Baekho key Baekho key (21)
Sponge Sponge (17)
Ink Ink (15)
White paper White paper (13)
Rusty shortsword Rusty shortsword (2)
Peas Peas (1)
Fractured vulture charu Fractured vulture charu (1)
Dragon's tooth Dragon’s tooth (6)
NetZe robe - BONDED NetZe robe – BONDED (1)
Hanfu garb Hanfu garb (1)
Ox's favor Ox’s favor (1)
Purified water Purified water (74)
Ice sabre Ice sabre (4)
DaSutZe robe - BONDED DaSutZe robe – BONDED (1)
Forsaken staff Forsaken staff (1)
Tuna wizard eye Tuna wizard eye (2)
ChutZe robe - BONDED ChutZe robe – BONDED (1)
Hoof sabre Hoof sabre (1)
Jolt trident Jolt trident (17)
Ragged vulture charu Ragged vulture charu (1)
Spirit stone Spirit stone (2)
Black Magoja Black Magoja (3)
Blue Magoja Blue Magoja (2)
Ambrosia Ambrosia (46)
Silver tree branch Silver tree branch (3)
SetZe robe - BONDED SetZe robe – BONDED (1)
Star-staff Star-staff (16)
Moon helmet Moon helmet (2)
Sunflower hair 2 package Sunflower hair 2 package (1)
Bright staff Bright staff (1)
Fox blade Fox blade (3)
Coronal motchin Coronal motchin (1)
Key to thunder Key to thunder (26)
Military fork Military fork (18)
Star mail dress Star mail dress (1)
Battle helm Battle helm (51)
Flamefang Flamefang (10)
Pearl charm Pearl charm (11)
Hamgyong jelly tentacle Hamgyong jelly tentacle (1)
Iron nugget Iron nugget (10)
Metal Metal (250)
Fine metal Fine metal (64)
Green Magoja Green Magoja (1)
Cftd yellow amber Cftd yellow amber (1)
Dark Green Qipao Dark Green Qipao (1)
White amber White amber (238)
Tainted staff Tainted staff (1)
Light broadsword Light broadsword (1)
Well cftd wt amber Well cftd wt amber (11)
Dark simitar Dark simitar (1)
Corrupted staff Corrupted staff (1)
Dark amber Dark amber (2291)
Bones of reckless researcher Bones of reckless researcher (2)
Bones of relentless seeker Bones of relentless seeker (4)
Bones of exhausted traveler Bones of exhausted traveler (2)
Floral peacock tail Floral peacock tail (1)
Phantasmal Aura Phantasmal Aura (1)
Steelthorn Steelthorn (14)
Electra Electra (14)
Star helmet Star helmet (1)
Moon gown Moon gown (1)
Star gown Star gown (1)
DoolZe robe - BONDED DoolZe robe – BONDED (1)
Poet whip Poet whip (1)
Bones of fearless researcher Bones of fearless researcher (1)
Scribe's book Scribe’s book (3)
Forsaken blade Forsaken blade (1)
Frozen spear Frozen spear (1)
Trigram keyset Trigram keyset (2)
Pig's favor Pig’s favor (1)
Rabbit's favor Rabbit’s favor (1)
Monkey's favor Monkey’s favor (1)
Key to wind Key to wind (15)
Yellow amber Yellow amber (280)
Fine steel dagger Fine steel dagger (1)
Corrupted ring Corrupted ring (5)
Key to mountain Key to mountain (6)
Zibong pumpkin Zibong pumpkin (50)
Fists pumpkin Fists pumpkin (57)
Feeble Turkey Egg Feeble Turkey Egg (12)
Unseen pumpkin Unseen pumpkin (75)
Hunter pumpkin Hunter pumpkin (75)
Scrawny fish Scrawny fish (80)
Tiny fish Tiny fish (80)
Sonhi assault map Sonhi assault map (3)
Geulimja Geulimja (3)
Iron statue Iron statue (1)
Brig Key Brig Key (1)
Thorn pumpkin Thorn pumpkin (3)
Wild pumpkin Wild pumpkin (23)
Wild Turkey Egg Wild Turkey Egg (8)
Topaz Topaz (20)
Ore [poor] Ore [poor] (292)
Ore [med] Ore [med] (8)
Titanium lance Titanium lance (6)