Treasure Hunting Service

The Merchant Guild of Koguryo warmly invites you to engage its services on a..

<b> _____
<b> | |_ __ ___ __ _ ___ _ _ _ __ ___
<b> | | ‘__/ _ \/ _` / __| | | | ‘__/ _ \
<b> | | | | __/ (_| \__ \ |_| | | | __/
<b> \_/_| \___|\__,_|___/\__,_|_| \___|
<B> _ _ _ _
<b> | | | | | | | |
<b> | |_| |_ _ _ __ | |_ | |
<b> | _ | | | | ‘_ \| __| | |
<b> | | | | |_| | | | | |_ |_|
<b> \_| |_/\__,_|_| |_|\__| (_)
** You will receive a Legend Mark and a RANDOM ITEM **

1. Contact any Guide or Freelance Treasure Hunter with an ((in-character)) request.
2. Once you receive your reply, pay a commission of only 100k.
3. Follow the instructions and receive your legend mark and a random item (given from the Treasure Hunt spell).

A list of Freelance Treasure Hunters who can help:

Acera (Tradesman):
This legendary tradesman is one of the oldest treasure hunters in the Merchant Guild and has a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge in treasure hunting. Instead of searching for any random item, Acera strategically hunts for treasures that satisfy lucrative niche markets. Although listed here as available, the likelihood of commissioning a treasure hunt through Acera is slim as his duties as Merchant Elder consume the majority of his time.

Barter (Collector):
Barter is a fun-loving collector. Going on a treasure hunt with him might find you digging through trash to collect obscure pieces for his collection, or maybe you’ll be sifting through collections to find obscure pieces of trash… come and find out.

Brandon (Scholar):
As a long-time Scholar, Brandon loves to study the origin and development of treasures from all over the lands and how they’ve come to impact the economy of our lands throughout the years. If you don’t mind stopping constantly for ‘back in my day’ stories about treasures along the way, Brandon’s your guy.

Cielle (Collector):
Cielle loves going on treasure-hunting adventures and will follow her nose, wherever it goes! Sometimes her hunts take her to far and distant lands; sometimes they land her right back where she started. She is always willing to embark on a new quest, but make sure you wear a good pair of shoes and bring a walking stick! You never know where you might end up!

Keaira (Daredevil):
This legendary daredevil loves a tough challenge — commission her only if you’re equipped for adventure as hunting with her isn’t for the feint of heart.

Living (Collector):
An old and quiet practitioner of the arts of the Collector. Living rarely chooses to bring company along when a treasure strikes his fancy. Once happy and willing to entertain dozens, age and wear has proven that an opportunity to join him on a hunt seems as if it would be a rare opportunity indeed.

Narrator (Scholar):
This scholar and Economist is more interested in books and stories than danger, and while you may be more likely to end up with papercuts than teeth marks, you’ll also be more likely to end up with the treasure you seek after properly preparing!

NeoPandora (Scholar):
Well on her way to the Mastery of Treasure Hunting, this Scholarly Merchant seeks commissions involving artifacts with history and treasures with stories to be told!
PrinceTrust (Daredevil):
Successor to the original (and legendary) daredevil, GreatValor. While many merchants can be found in the marketplace, PrinceTrust spends his time in the depths of the most dangerous caves. Known as an approachable member of the Merchant Guild, he often invites adventurous souls to join him on his treasure hunts.

ShuZu (Scholar):
Don’t let this old man fool you with his age; he is spry and is known to hide himself in the farthest and most difficult to access areas in the kingdom for those who seek his treasure. If you wish to commission his services be ready to test both body and mind as you search him out.

Umphreys (Collector):
This treasure hunter aims to help develop more mindful adventures, so briefly reflecting on your treasure hunting endeavors will get you started. Be prepared to think deeper about what treasure you seek, where it might be, and what you will do with it if you find it!

Warik (Scholar):
Warik is mostly retired from Treasure Hunting these days…
This Scholar spends most of his time studying the Economy now. However; he will forever have a soft spot for research and treasure that has anything to do with any form of Ogre! If you seek some sort of Ogre-Treasure; seek Warik out, but be prepared to research thoroughly!

Please contact any of the above listed Freelance Treasure Hunters to assist you in your adventure.

Good luck, treasure hunters! Happy hunting!